Design Services

We don't only make you look good on track.

Logo Design

Whether you are a new team and need to create a branding identity or an existing team that wants a fresh look we can cater for your needs. Logo design is a crucial part of creating your brand and making you stand out from the competition.

Suit Design

If we have designed your kart graphics why not get the same great look on your suit? We can liaise with the suit manufacturer and make sure your outfit looks perfect together.

Awning Design

With the karting paddock looking more professional each and every year it's important you look as good in the paddock as your karts do on track, speak to our team and let us make your new awning a statment piece.

The Process

When your design is been manufactured by a 3rd party here are the steps involved.

Send your ideas

Discuss your ideas with a member of our team. Often this will be based on other designs we have done for you but colours, logos etc. the more information we have the better.

Invoice for design

Once we have the relevant information an invoice for the design work will be emailed to you. Once paid the design will be scheduled onto our system.

Approve your design

One of our design team will generate a visual for you and deal with any amendments that are needed until the design is signed off.

Final artwork sent

When the design has been approved we will send the vector artwork direct to your chosen manufacturer.

Lets get started on your project

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