Karting is in our DNA

Founded by former British Champion



About us

Early Days

JakeDesigns was created from a passion of design, from starting karting at age 10. Jake became fascinated with all things design around karting and in particular the design and paint of helmets. After persuading his art teacher to let him paint his first helmet for a school project and then painting his own race helmet JakeDesigns was born.

More Helmets
Growing in name and painting more and more the decision was made to purchase our first printer this would speed up some elements of the painting and enable for some amazing special effects to applied to the helmets. With such an eye for design and space in the market to add more flair to the karts we started to produce Kart Graphics.
Full Time Graphics
After the demand for kart graphic grew the dificult decision was made to stop our helmet painting service and full efforts were focused on growth of the kart graphics. More printers were purchased to cope with demand and the team was ever growing.
Striving to improve and perfect our craft we have implemented many new printing, laminating and cutting techniques. In the last year alone, large investments were made for new printers, cutters and even the way we package our products. We are always aiming to improve on our already great products and will never stop developing.